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  Stamboom Familie Vrouwenvelder

 Wolfgang Frauenfelder  (1565) 1.Felix Frauenfelder (1585) 2.1Hans Conrad Frauenfelder  (1639) 3a1Benedikt Frauenfelder (1672) 4aa1H.C. Vrouwenvelder (1707) 5aaa1C. Vrouwenvelder (1743) 6aaaa7Johannes Willem Vrouwenvelder (1789) 7aaaag6Johannes Willem Vrouwenvelder (1818) 8aaaagf2Johannes Willem Vrouwenfelder (1854) 9aaaagfb6Johannes Willem Vrouwenfelder (1887) 10AAAAGFBF5Francois Emil Vrouwenfelder (1916) 11aaaagfbfe5 12AAAAGFBFEE2         Bibi Vrouwenfelder (1975)Fabian Vrouwenfelder (1979)

    Robert (Rob) Vrouwenfelder

Geboren te 's-Gravenhage op 23 december 1946.
Overleden, oud  65 jaar, te  's-Gravenhage op 13 juni 2012.
Zoon van gezin 11AAAAGFBFE5.
Hij was getrouwd te 's-Gravenhage op 22 april 1971 met
Astrid Thiels
Geboren te 's-Gravenhage op 20 februari 1951.
Dochter van ....Thiels & ....
Uit dit huwelijk :
1.    Bibi Vrouwenfelder
Geboren te 's-Gravenhage op 9 augustus 1975.
2.    Fabian Vrouwenfelder
Geboren te 's-Gravenhage op 30 april 1978.
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Rob Vrouwenfelder has been working in IT since 1969. His employment history goes back to 1969 when he started as a junior programmer for the ANWB. In 1975 Rob started to work for ESSO (Exxon/Mobile) as a project manager responsible for the introduction, selection and implementation of data base management systems for the Benelux Affiliates.  From 1986 up to early 2005 he worked for various Shell companies (NAM, Shell Netherlands, Shell IT International and Shell International Exploration and Production).

In his last job he was accountable for a secure IT environment that protects Shell Exploration & Production (roughly 35 Shell companies and Joint Ventures with c.a. 30.000 staff). Additionally, Rob was responsible for the overall IT Risk Management Policy and he coordinated Information Security audits.

Since February 2005 Rob left Shell and started his own advisory business.  He provides information security advice and support to achieve compliance with U.S. Export Controls and ISO/IEC 17799 Code of Practice for Information Security Management.

Rob is married to Astrid and they have two children. In his private time he loves travelling and playing golf.